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Catching 9 Species of fish on a single trip, It is easy to say that The best offshore fishing exists off the Peninsula.  The best fishing guides and tropical ocean fishing adventure await for you in sunny and warm Costa Rica.  With Pescador de Agua Dulce, anything is possible.

Places to eat

The dining experiences in Montezuma are reason in their own to come visit.  After reeling in your catch of the day, bring your fish to one of the many First Class Chef's the peninsula has to offer.  Enjoy in an ambiance that will you and your family with a memory of a life time.


The peninsula offers some of the most beautiful beaches on earth.  Some offer surf, while others offer perfect snorkeling conditions.  Horseback rides on the beach or just a picnic and a sunset.  It's impossible not to say, that there is a beach for every one in Costa Rica.


Time to go fishing



In this part of Costa Rica because it is surprising to have so many great restaurants in such a small remote place. Many people from other parts of the world live here, bringing their unique and high quality cuisine which is much better than you'd expect to find at the end of a dirt road where the jungle meets the ocean.... a true paradise with incredible dining options.


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The reason you are here, and the reason you want more information, is simple.... this will be the greatest adventure of your life and we are going to help you make it happen.  Come see the place where the Jungle meets the Ocean.